Maintenance, Repair & Complaint

You can rely on us! If you are ever not satisfied with your order, we will be happy to help you. Please note that different conditions apply depending on the reason for return

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Goods can be returned within 10 days for credit if the goods:

  • is in the original closed packaging
  • has not been used
  • is in recurring demand (not items ordered only on demand)
  • is safely packed and returned to us free of charge.

This excludes custom-made items, special orders, chemicals, goods that are not common items or are subject to special storage (e.g., lower than room temperature), and goods with expiration dates. Other exceptions to the voluntarily granted return option are possible. In the case of such exceptional products, it is pointed out that a return is not possible.

The return is at the risk and expense of the buyer. In the case of goods packaging that is no longer sealed in its original form, we also reserve the right to charge for analysis costs. A refund of shipping costs in case of allowed return is excluded. Goods sent carriage forward cannot be accepted.

Return of opened and used / tested goods

Please note that we can only accept items that are not unopened and in their original packaging if they have been demonstrably decontaminated. This precaution is necessary as many of our customers work with hazardous substances.
Please use the following form to document the decontamination and enclose it with your return shipment.


Goods are subject to claim if:

  • the delivered item does not correspond to your order
  • the goods arrive damaged.


If an article ordered from us does not work anymore, we will be glad to help you with clarifying the repair. In order to clarify responsibilities and further processing, we ask that you fill out the form below in as much detail as possible

Download decontamination & clearance declaration