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Chemistry, physics, technology - Techtastic! With his experiments and lifehacks he inspires more than 400,000 subscribers every Friday anew. He conveys the same enthusiasm for laboratory, chemistry and research that drives us every day! Together, we give you insights into the fantastic world of chemistry and give you ideas for your own little experiments. #YoungChemists, #YoungLaboratoryTechnicians and #ChemistryNerds
Mock-up experiment #140


How is soap actually made and what do I need for it? How does soap compare to disinfectant? You can find all the answers in the new Techi video. Have fun with the video and find everything you need to recreate the experiment in our Amazon Store.
Dangerous Experiments #13


The focus of this video package is "Safety". In order to be able to realize such videos without danger to life and limb, you need Techi's appropriate protective equipment!
Experiment #145


Bind liquids immediately and easily! Where are superabsorbents used in the lab today? How do superabsorbents work and what great things can you do with them outside of the lab! You can find all the answers in the new Techi video. We hope you enjoy the video!
Experiment #143


Liquid-Liquid-Extraction! How much caffeine is in coffee? In this video, Techi presents a simple experiment on liquid extraction. The neoLab team wishes you a lot of fun with the video
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Copycat experiment #153


With the Tollensprobe one does not only detect aldehydes, but creates thereby a shining silver mirror in the container! An experiment which is perfect for schools and teaching purposes. How the experiment works and what reactions occur, you will learn in this video. Have fun watching!