neoGreen - the sustainability philosophy at neoLab

#neoGreen is not a campaign or initiative, but rather a philosophy that we live by at neoLab. It mainly concerns areas where we can make a direct difference and less the exchange of money for CO2 certificates ... the green image. The small steps that each one of us takes helps the collective the most. Most importantly, the "DOING" creates a real change in thinking. Thus, at neoLab we have a wide variety of actions that are all grouped under the mantle #neoGreen. So we have actions in the social, in the ecological and also economic area. For example, the action re:Lab to bring goods that should actually be disposed of to the market, or the action #healthfirstnotprofit which has united against price increases in the crisis. In addition, we use packaging material several times, work intensively with a renowned chair on the production of our articles from biodegradable plastics, sustainable mobility and much more

neoGreen - what we DO

neoGreenBadge - Products

Laboratories often generate large amounts of plastic waste, mainly due to disposable products and environmentally unsound materials. we at neolab try to offer product alternatives that positively influence the sustainability of every laboratory in various areas. The following describes the criteria that lead to a product being awarded the neoGreen badge. For us it is important that at least one of these criteria is met.

Sustainability through the selection of the right material

One criterion for the selection of neoGreen products is that the products we offer are made of environmentally friendly materials and do not contain toxic or harmful substances. In addition, we prefer products that are recyclable or biodegradable to reduce waste and minimize the environmental footprint.

Sustainability through energy efficiency

Another important factor in our selection is energy efficiency. We focus on products that use as little energy as possible compared to similar products. As an example of the wide range of options available when selecting energy-efficient laboratory equipment, laboratory freezers are probably the biggest power guzzlers. by selecting modern models with high-efficiency cooling systems, effective automatic defrosting systems and high-quality insulation, operating costs can be significantly reduced and the environment protected.

Sustainability through reusability

Of course, product reuse also plays an important role in the selection of our neoGreen products. We specifically identify products that are suitable for use in a circular economy system and can thus be reused in the laboratory.

Sustainability through better organization:

Products that contribute to more efficient organization in the workplace can, for example, help reduce waste and avoid capital investment, as an orderly and efficient work environment can reduce material consumption and the need for repetition. Through the conscious use and selection of products, our customers in the laboratory can thus contribute to environmental protection while working efficiently and cost-effectively. Space-saving design is also of great importance when storing and transporting samples. Also, by using compact and space-saving storage options, more products can be accommodated in less space, which in turn contributes to lower energy consumption and reduces CO2 emissions.

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sustainable products - the neoGreenBadge shows it


One step is the re:Lab measure, which has been "online" for 6 months: goods that should actually be disposed of are returned to the market free of charge or for a small flat-rate fee rather than being thrown away. This includes, for example, goods whose best-before date has expired, but which are completely functional. We either give these away for a good cause or sell them to customers for a very reasonable price. Good examples of items with best before dates are, for example, protective suits against infectious agents or sterile consumables. With small restrictions, these items are still very usable for other/similar applications.

Sterile goods, for example, are "expired" when they can no longer be considered sterile. Re-sterilization is usually too costly. So they often end up in the trash, even though they are still fully functional apart from being sterile. Under the re:Lab label, they do not become waste, but retain some of their value. With re:Lab, we are making a direct contribution to ecological sustainability, albeit a small one.

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A second chance - for every item

Job cycling and protecting the environment

With the currently (as of Nov. 2022) around 12 job bikes, we save almost 300 tons of CO2 per year with a 50% usage on the way to work.en contribution to ecological sustainability, albeit a small one.

Job bike - cycling instead of driving

We help to reduce CO2 emissions and at the same time support our employees to get fit: Another step for neoGreen in terms of ecology

1.000.000 KM commuting by car per year -> corresponds to 7280 tons of CO2 p.a.

not only the enthusiasm for cycling, the beautiful area around Heidelberg tempt us to cycle, but also the attachment to our environment and our health should motivate us to get on the bike more often instead of driving. Since the beginning of 2021, every neoLab employee has had the opportunity to take advantage of a job bike. Whether privately on the way to the ice cream parlor or on the way to work, this helps to stay fit and protects our climate at the same time.

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neoGreen - reusing packaging

One of our measures is the reuse of packaging material and cardboard packaging to reduce the environmental impact of unnecessary waste.

By reusing packaging material and cardboard packaging, we can significantly reduce the amount of waste we produce. This not only helps minimize our environmental footprint, but also helps conserve our natural resources.

At neoLab, we are proud to be able to contribute to reducing our environmental impact by reusing packaging materials and cardboard packaging.

Every carton that is reused is given a special neoGreen adhesive tape. By using this tape, we want to show our customers that we are committed to sustainability and environmental protection. We hope that this small detail will help to raise awareness about recycling and reuse.

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Use instead of throwing away - for our future!

neoLab reused more than 15,000 cartons in 2022

neoLab supports renewable energies

Wind energy Bhatel, India

At neoLab, we understand the importance of sustainability and environmental protection. That is why we are proud to support a climate protection project in Bhatel in the Indian state of Gujarat. By using 23 wind turbines with a total capacity of 50.6 MW, we can save around 167,000 tons of CO2 annually. The project thus makes a valuable contribution to climate protection and at the same time promotes the sustainable development of India. neoLab's contribution here is 280,000 kg of CO2 per year.

But that is not all. The low-emission power generation provides the local population with a more stable power grid and creates long-term employment contracts in a region where most jobs are temporary positions in agriculture. We are proud that by paying above the regional minimum wage, we can help improve the living standards of our employees. At NeoLab, we believe that sustainability and social responsibility are inextricably linked, and we are proud to contribute to the sustainable development of India.

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neoLab - climate neutral

Climate neutral

As part of our neoGreen philosophy, it is important to us at neoLab to take responsibility for our carbon footprint and make our contribution to climate protection. We have decided, besides all the other aspects, to compensate our current emissions through a carbon offset project in India. Although there are critical voices that see offsetting as an insufficient measure, we see it as an important component that helps more than it hurts. We are of course aware that this can only be a part of the measures.

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