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The core of the brand Sunlab® is to provide high-quality and innovative laboratory devices at a good price-performance ratio. An individual design and innovative marketing are leading the laboratory sector into a new generation. Environmentally friendly production and distribution as well as a slim, resource-conserving management are part of the Sunlab philosophy - so that you can use your laboratory devices every day with a good conscience.

Through a sustainable and permanent product management a continuous improvement of the products and expansion of the product range are ensured.
Sustainability in general is an important value to Sunlab®.Through the Sunlab Sustainability Concept (SSC) resources shall be used efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.


Through sustainable production and efficient usage of packaging materials the required energy and water consumption are held as low as possible to preserve the environment.


Short transport routes and effective logistics contribute to an efficient supply chain with low CO2 emission and high reliability.

Internal Processes

In order to protect the environment efforts are made to use as little energy and paper as possible. Through the concept of a paperless, modern office we implement these high demands.

The fully autoclavable, ergonomic single and multi channel microliter pipettes are well suited for the common operations in the field of liquid handling. With a minimum volume of 0.1 µl up to 10 ml a large volume range is distributed across the different pipettes. With the Sunlab® dispenser, with up to 48 dispensing steps, single-handed operations are a breeze. 

Through a maximum volume of up to 100 ml the Sunlab® pipetting aid for glass and plastic pipettes completes your operations safely and reliably, just as the bottle top dispenser. The latter is made from PTFE, FEP, BSG and PP and therefore resistant against many chemicals and some solvents. 

As your affordable full laboratory outfitter, Sunlab® consistently offers price-performance ratio winners on the laboratory device market. The Sunlab® product portfolio includes, amongst others, Magnetic stirrers, pipettes, rotators, shakers, vortexers, centrifuges etc.

A broad selection of different magnetic stirrers is available in the field of Sustainable Lab Instruments. From heatable Sunlab® magnetic stirrers with glass ceramic or the more affordable ceramic-coated stainless steel plate, to the classic magnetic stirrers Sunlab® is your robust partner for laboratory devices. The mini magnetic stirrers with compact and ultra-flat design are indispensable to the laboratory. 

neolab Mini Magnetrührer

The Sunlab® shakers and rotators enable ideal mixing of your media, solutions and cell cultures. The gentle movement of the rocking, rotating and the 3D-shaker as well as the slim design allow incubation of culture dishes also in incubators or refrigerators. Vials and tubes can be ideally mixed with simultaneous, gentle rotating movements on the rotating mixer.

Should you be interested in intensely, but still gently, shaking or inverting powdery or liquid samples you cannot avoid the classic rotator or disc rotator.

Through the compact design these Sunlab® laboratory devices can also be used in incubators without any problems. For turbulent mixing the Sunlab® vortex master offers an economic alternative, which is ideally suited for its task due to its weight. For separation of sample components the Sunlab® mini centrifuge is exactly what you are looking for.