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qpore labor filter


The brand qpore® offers a wide spectrum of high-quality laboratory filters. The core competencies include syringe attachment filters, transfer membranes, round filters as well as bottletop filters. According to the motto “Finest Filtration” highest quality demands are at the center of the brand. The quality and success of qpore® are based primarily on the following factors: 


The high quality and reliability of qpore products rests on the usage of the best resources and materials during production.

User Proximity

The qpore® laboratory filters are developed in close collaboration with users from the laboratory and industry in order to ensure the best and easiest possible usability.


Through strong partners and efficient logistics with a streamlined supply chain our products reach you reliably and as quickly as possible every time.

The application of laboratory filters and membranes is flexible, the physical principle is analogous and nevertheless geared towards an exactly defined goal. Strainer filtration through separation mechanism, production of homogenous emulsions through membranes or sterile filtration of cell culture media. The possible applications are endless.

In theory, the principle of filtration is simple: Separation of solid and liquid particles from a liquid phase via a porous auxiliary substance. The liquid phase can present gases or a liquid. Depending on application the resulting parameters, at which a process can be optimized, vary.

The qpore® laboratory filter portfolio offers a wide range of blotting membranes, bottletop, liquistop, membrane and syringe attachment filters fitting for your needs.

Especially chemical-resistant, robust blotting membranes from hydrophobic PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) and sensitive CN (cellulose nitrate) ensure background-free blots and optimal bands through high protein binding capability - without prior soaking in organic solvents (PVDF). 

qpore® offers a broad spectrum of bottletop filters, which are particularly suited for the filtration of larger sample volumes. Filter from CA (cellulose acetate), PES (polyethersulfone) or PVDF show high flow-through rates at very low protein binding. They are detergent-free, sterile, pyrogen-free and are therefore well suited for filtration of cell culture media. 

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Sterile qpore® syringe attachment filters have a hydrophilic membrane from PES or CA with a high mechanical and chemical resilience at lowest protein absorption. Through an excellent flow-through rate they are ideally suited for sterile filtration, clear filtration and cell removal under sterile conditions. 

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qpore Membran Filter
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The hydrophilic, unsterile qpore® membrane filters from mixed cellulose esters (CME) is comprised of CA and CN, and is characteristic for a soft, homogenous surface structure. Through effective retention properties, high flow-through rates, and excellent thermal resilience these membrane filters are suited for a wide range of applications from clear and sterile filtration to air particle analysis.

“FINEST FILTRATION” - qpore® laboratory filter and membranes stand for safety, cleanliness and reproducibility.