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neoLab Brands

Brand quality from one source

Besides well-known and established brands and manufacturers, neoLab also offers self-developed products.

Because of our close relationships with our customers we are able to take feedback, therefore able to create products that fulfill specific needs not being covered by the current market and create solutions for problems that have not been addressed, yet.

Therefore, please contact us if you are looking for a special solution.

Registered neoLab brands

neoPette - registration ID 39600997

ecoLab - registration ID 2098967

Labovakol - registration ID 2048450

Laboderm - registration ID 2106082

Labothermol - registration ID 2029705

Labosol - registration ID 2028322

neoRack - registration ID 39740992

Bad Stabil - registration ID 39840178

neoFuge - registration ID 39849927

neoBlock - registration ID 39920366

neoTape - registration ID 39979460

neoMan - registration ID 30037839

neoStapelRack - registration ID 30068434