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Moonlab Plastics - Verbrauchtsmaterial für Ihr Labor


The brand Moonlab® Plastics offers a wide spectrum of laboratory consumable made from plastic, from test tube racks to pipette tips and cell culture tubes. Through the high quality demands and a good price level Moonlab offers a great alternative to the other premium brands existing on the market. 

The three columns materials, logistics and user proximity are pivotal to the previous success of Moonlab® Plastics.


The high quality and reliability of qpore products rests on the usage of the best resources and materials during production.

User Proximity

A close collaboration with users from the laboratory and industry enables the best and easiest possible usability of the products.


Through strong partners and efficient logistics with a streamlined supply chain our products reach you reliably and as quickly as possible every time.

A colorful partner in the laboratory tith products for the fields micro- and molecular biology, liquid handling, and general laboratory needs.

Moonlab® offers the appropriate consumables for special applications: Drosophila breeding - vessels from robust, autoclavable polypropylene (PP) or as disposable vessel from high-quality polystyrene (PS). The transparent material allows clear sight and therefore good visual control of the Drosophila. The vessels can also be used well in classic microbiology.

From inoculation loops and needles, Drigalski spatulas, to different petri dishes Moonlab® is a strong partner in microbiology and cell culture. 

Also in the field of liquid handling Moonlab® offers pipette tips for the common pipette models. The fitting box for each pipette tip! Use the economical refill packs in environmentally friendly racks for quick resupply. The sustainable racks reduce your waste and are friendly to the environment. 

Different clear reaction vessels in the volumes 0.5 ml, 1.5 ml and 2.0 ml with diameters of 13 mm fit into all common centrifuges. Through the high-quality PP the reaction vessels are temperature resistant from -20 to +121 ºC and are therefore autoclavable. To prevent contamination of the samples, the Moonlab® reaction vessels are DNase- and RNase-free.

Should you be working with larger volumes the 15 ml and 50 ml centrifuge tubes will fit your requirements: autoclavable at +121ºC, pyrogen-free and sterilized. Ideal for all standard application in the Life Science field.

Those who like it colorful will find what they are looking for in the countless racks. From puzzle rack, foldable rack for centrifuge tubes and Moonlab® racks for reaction vessels, to test tube racks you will find a wide and colorful range.