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Brand quality under one roof

As full provider in laboratory equipment neoLab works together with common and renowned manufacturers. Here you can find a selection of those brands.
Please contact us if you are looking for products that you are unable to find in our product range.

Our TOP brand manufacturers

sunlab® has been developing innovative laboratory devices in modern colors since 2013. The company places special emphasis on sustainability, so that resources can be used efficiently. The product portfolio ranges from aluminum blocks for heating plates, magnetic stirrers, and rotators to centrifuges and other devices. Products are only available through selected distributors. More informations and the TOP-products of "sunlab" can be found here>>

moonlab Plastics moonlab plastics®
The brand Moonlab® Plastics offers a wide spectrum of laboratory consumable made from plastic, from test tube racks to pipette tips and cell culture tubes. Through the high quality demands and a good price level Moonlab offers a great alternative to the other premium brands existing on the market. More information and the TOP products of "Moonlab" can be found here >>

neochrom neochrom®
The neochrom® product line includes a wide variety of laboratory vials, inserts and lids in different sizes. Thanks to the large product range neochrom® is consistently able to react to your individual requirements, and you can easily and quickly find the fitting combination of laboratory vial, insert and lid. More information and the TOP products of "neochrom" can be found here >>

CellCamper CellCamper®
The focus of the brand CellCamper® lies on the safe transport as well as storage of frozen samples. The product spectrum ranges from freezing boxes for -80ºC to transport containers, which maintain a constant low temperature for the duration of the cell transport. More information and the TOP products of "Cellcamper" can be found here >>

Cryomaster Cryomaster® The brand Cryomaster® has committed to providing fitting solutions for sample storage. The product range reaches from cabinet inserts and box racks to cryogenic boxes and cryo vials. More information and the TOP Products of "Cryomaster" can be found here >>

Qpore qpore®
The brand qpore® offers a wide spectrum of high-quality laboratory filters. The core competencies include syringe attachment filters, transfer membranes, round filters as well as bottletop filters. According to the motto “Finest in Filtration” highest quality demands are at the center of the brand. More information and the TOP products of "qpore" can be found here >>

An excerpt of our brand manufacturers

2mag AG 2mag AG
The company 2mag Ag from Munich has been working with magnetic propulsion systems since 1974 and has specialized on magnetic stirrers, reaction blocks, and other magnetic stirring systems. 2Mag advertises 30% more stirring performance, flatter and space-saving construction, and long lifespan even for continuous operation, as well as synchronized rotation speeds of all stirring points.

Ahlstrom Germany GmbH Ahlstrom Germany GmbH
Ahlstrom is one of the leading providers in the field of filtration and separation technologies. Their main focus lies on life science, medical and analytical applications. The product portfolio contains further filtration applications and ultrapure archival paper as well as diagnostics, environmental monitoring and additional applications.

ahn Biotechnologie GmbH ahn Biotechnologie GmbH
The AHN Biotechnologie GmbH from Nordhausen in Thüringen has specialized on liquid handling products such as pipettes, pipette tips, reaction vessels, filter tips and other filtration products, as well as the purification of biomolecules.

Analytik Jena AG Analytik Jena AG
Analytik Jena AG is a company founded in the 1990s and markets innovative analytical measuring instruments as well as complete solutions for bioanalytical applications in the life science sector. Additional services, software, and consumables or even reagents complete the company’s product offers.

asecos GmbH asecos GmbH
The asecos GmbH based in Gründau, Hessen, has been specializing on the handling and storage of hazardous materials since 1994. In this context asecos manufactures pressurized gas cylinder cabinets and safety cabinets for inside and outside, suction devices, hazardous material workplaces, and hazardous material containers, among other products.

Becton Dickinson GmbH Becton Dickinson GmbH
The Becton Dickinson GmbH, subsidiary of the medical technology company Becton, Dickinson and Company, has been located in Heidelberg since 1972. They are specialized on products from diagnostics, biosciences and medicine, and produce a wide array of medical consumables, culture media, and microbiological diagnostics products in this context.

Bel-Art Products Bel-Art Products
Since 1946 the company Bel-Art Products has been producing and selling laboratory equipment for science, industry, and the health sector. In this context the company with headquarters in Wayne, New Jersey, specializes on the reduction of workload with help of their over 4500 products from magnetic stirrers to laboratory fume hoods and safety equipment. neoLab is one of only 7 Bel-Art Products distributors in Germany.

NeoFroxx neoFroxx GmbH
The provider of life science products manufactures reagents according to customer specifications, provides packaging sizes based on the customers’ orders, and offers products from the companies Biological Industries and HiMedia Laboratories.

Biological Industries Biological Industries
The experienced manufacturer of life science products offers a number of animal cell cultures, products for microbiology and latest solutions for work with cell cultures. The product portfolio encompasses disinfectants, products for molecular biology, and sterile serums, as well as products for cytogenetics.

Bohemia Cristal GmbH Bohemia Cristal GmbH
Bohemia Cristal is a leading provider of glasswares. Next to mouth blown and automatically produced drinking glasses, crystal and soda glass, pressed glass, and fireproof household glass, Bohemia Cristal also produces technical glass and porcelain in the areas of laboratory glass, glass tubing, soda lime glass and glass industry apparatuses.

The BRAND GmbH & Co KG out of Wertheim in Baden-Württemberg has been specialized on the development and production of liquid handling products, measuring and dosing devices, as well as everyday products for clinical and general laboratories since 1949. Their product range in these areas includes high-quality consumables as well as precisely adjusted high performance products.

Corning Life Sciences B.V. Corning Life Sciences B.V.
The Corning Life Sciences B.V. from Corning, New York, was founded in 1851 and works in cooperation with scientists in order to increase work and cost efficiency. Their products are specialized on applications in the fields of optics, microbiology and molecular biology.

DURAN Group GmbHDURAN Group GmbH
With subsidiaries in Wertheim and Mainz the DURAN Group GmbH has produced and sold laboratory, industrial and household goods made from DURAN® glass since 2005. This special glass has proven its worth in over 100 years of application in medical technology, electronics, and mechanical engineering. Product groups of the DURAN Group GmbH include pharmacological and laboratory applications as well as special industrial glass.

Eppendorf VertriebEppendorf Vertrieb
The Eppendorf Vertrieb located in Wesseling, NRW, offers products of the entire Eppendorf product range in Germany. This includes pipettes, reaction vessels, and centrifuges, as well as freezers. Their products are specialized on the handling of liquids, cells, and samples. More information and the TOP products of "Eppendorf" can be found here >>

Gilson International B.V.Gilson International B.V.
The Gilson Inc. was founded, in Middelton, Wisconsin, in 1957 and has specialized on the development, production, and distribution of pipettes, chromatographs, and liquid handlers. In addition to the pipettes they offer a professional and reliable service for maintenance, calibration, and repair. More information and the TOP products of "Gilson" can be found here >>

Heidolph InstrumentsHeidolph Instruments
Heidolph Instruments is located in Schwabach, where development and production take place and is a globally operating supplier of laboratory devices such as rotary evaporator, magnetic stirrers, vortexers and also peristaltic pumps. They are used in pharmaceutical research, the cosmetics industry, as well as biology and chemistry.

himedia originated in India, and after 30 years belongs to the largest manufacturers in microbiology. Their product range includes classical and unusual microbiological media, as well as chromogenic media. Newer media of the HiVeg variant are also offered, in which animal-based raw materials have been replaced by plant-based materials.

Kern Sohn GmbH Kern & Sohn GmbH
The Kern & Sohn GmbH from Balingen in Baden-Württemberg has been family-owned since 1844 and specializes on products from measuring technology. This includes not only laboratory and industrial scales, but also devices for humidity and force measurement among others.

KNF Neuberger GmbHKNF Neuberger GmbH
The KNF Neuberger GmbH is located in Freiburg since 1946, and develops and distributes mainly gas and liquid pumps for applications in medicine, chemistry, and process engineering.

LaboChem LaboChem
Labochem international is specialized on the production and distribution of chemicals and reagents for analytical and molecular biological laboratories. In this context they especially emphasize quality and safety.

Founded in Baden-Württemberg in 1949, Liebherr is active in many technical fields such as mining, aerospace and traffic engineering, construction machines, cooling and freezing, etc.The high-quality cooling systems, which Liebherr still produces, poesse the newest technologies and reach a long lifespan and high energy efficiency.

Manufactures d'Outils Dumont S.A.
Manufactures d'Outils Dumont S.A.

The family business founded in 1881 produces high-quality forceps in Swiss manufacture. Customers of the company Dumont can be found in the fields of medicine, biology, electronics, and cosmetics. Dumoxel® and Dumostar® forceps are composed of multiple materials.

Memmert GmbH & Co KG Memmert GmbH & Co KG
Memmert develops and produces tempering devices in third generation. The devices are used in diverse fields such as biological research, human and veterinary medicine, or also industrial material and component testing, as well as in production. Their product range includes universal cabinets, incubators, and oil baths.

Nalgene is a supplier of plastic bottles that are not only used in laboratories. BPA-free containers largely sell in the outdoor, household and fitness sectors as well. Their product range also includes plastic and universal bottles, as well as teflon bottles and fluorent bottles and additional versions.

OHAUS Europe GmbHOHAUS Europe GmbH
The company Ohaus has been producing scales for the last 100 years, which can by now be found in almost all industrial sectors from laboratory technology, industry, and education, to foodstuff and pharmaceutical industry.

Outlis Rubis SAOutlis Rubis SA
Outils Rubis has been producing Swiss precision pipettes for the last 60 years. Their product portfolio also includes scissors, clippers, and files, or even manicure sets.

Philips Technologie GmbHPhilips Technologie GmbH
Philips is one of the top ten brands in the electronics sector in Germany and is made up of the divisions healthcare, lighting, consumer lifestyle, and research laboratories. Philips develops and produces new products and technologies in research laboratories.

Thermo ElectronThermo Electron
Thermo Electron is a leading supplier of analytic devices, laboratory equipment, reagents, as well as software and services for research, contract analysis and diagnostics.

Thermo Electron LED GmbHThermo Electron LED GmbH
The company located in Schwerte distributes products for chromatography and combination methods of mass spectrometry and further analytic techniques such as infrared microscopy and viscometers. Additionally, they develop evaluation software for chromatography, laboratory information and management systems. Furthermore they offer a large variety of laboratory chemicals and consumables.

UVEX Arbeitsschutz GmbHUVEX Arbeitsschutz GmbH
Uvex was founded in Fürth in 1926 and offers products for the fields of occupational safety, sports, motorcycle accessories, and glass. For the work in laboratories products such as protective gloves and respiratory masks are offered.

Vacuubrand GmbH & Co KGvacuubrand GmbH & Co KG
The company has been manufacturing products for vacuum generation, measurement and regulation for rough and fine vacuum ranges for the last 50 years. The product range includes chemistry membrane pumps and pump stands, membranes, OEM and integrated pumps, as well as further pump systems. Quality standards according to DIN are followed and ecological sustainability is an important factor in the company’s guidelines.

Wheaton Science ProductsWheaton Science Products
Wheaton Science Products is located in Millville, New Jersey, and produces glassware from soda-lime and borosilicate for science and laboratory applications. Their portfolio also includes the manufacturing of BOD bottles and diverse other vials and containers.

wld tecWLD-TEC
The company WLD-TEC has specialized on the production of safety gas burners and electrical sterilization systems since 1992. These innovative heating systems are used in laboratories and industries.

Zeiss Carl Microscopy GmbHZeiss Carl Microscopy GmbH
The company has its headquarters in Jena and has specialized on the production of confocal microscopy systems and optical sensor systems. Complete solutions are offered in the sectors of biomedicine, industry, and healthcare.