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The brand Cryomaster® has committed to providing fitting solutions for sample storage. The product range reaches from cabinet inserts and box racks to cryogenic boxes and cryo vials.
A consequently environmentally friendly production and distribution management guarantees highest quality as well as the smallest possible ecological footprint. Therefore Cryomaster products can be used with a good and clear conscience.


The quality of Cryomaster products is ensured through innovative manufacturing methods and strict quality control.

User Proximity

A continuously close collaboration with users from the laboratory and industry in order to ensure the best and easiest possible usability.


Efficient logistics through neolab.de and strong partners facilitate a fast supply chain to the final users.

The Cryomaster® box racks for sample storage in deep freezers are a precise product from high-quality stainless steel. They enable optimal usage of space at maximum stability in your freezer. The integrated holding rod prevents the boxes from falling out of the rack. A practical folding handle in located at the top side of the box rack for easy removal. As opposed to other racks the Cryomaster® cabinet inserts have a practical folding handle for easier removal. 

Cryomaster Truhengestelle

Cryomaster - Kryoröhrchen

The affordable Cryomaster® cryobox with slip-on lid is made from cold-resistant, coated cardboard. Therefore this cardboard box is suited for sample storage in lowest temperatures of up to -86 ºC. Through 4 holes in the bottom of the box condensed water can easily drain. The cryobox without grid can be used flexibly with different grid inserts also as storage box in your laboratory.

The Cryomaster® cryotubes with external threading and standing ring are made from high-quality purest polypropylene. Thereby these cryovials are suited for temperatures from -196 ºC to +121 ºC and can be used for freezing of samples in liquid nitrogen. Through a 1D barcode printed on the side of the tube these cryotubes are suited for biobanking. The screw cap with external threading requires an O ring due to the precision of its fit, which additionally prevents possible contamination. The tubes are packaged in bags in a sterile manner and DNase-, RNase-, endotoxin- as well as DNA-free.

Cryomaster - Kryoröhrchen

The Cryomaster® cryotubes with internal threading and standing ring are also made from high-quality purest polypropylene. The Cryomaster® cryotubes are available with different cap colors (white, red, green, blue, yellow, purple), which allows color coding of samples. The tubes are also packaged in bags in a sterile manner and DNase-, RNase-, endotoxin- as well as DNA-free.

A fitting addition to the Cryomaster® range are products by the brand Cellcamper®, whose focus lies mainly in the safe transport of frozen cells and the freezing of cells.

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