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CoyLab - Der Spezialist für anarobe Werkzelte

 Coy Laboratory Products Inc. 

The anaerobic working tents from Coylab have been among the market-leading chambers in microbiology for years. Coylab is specialized on the incubation of cell cultures. Through high-quality materials and a thought-out concept these chambers are ideal for working under controlled conditions. In European research laboratories anaerobic vinyl tents and O2 control glove boxes for hypoxic cell cultures are gaining users constantly. 

The anaerobic vinyl tents with aluminum frame stand out through the flexible vinyl wall, which erects upon application of light overpressure. The palladium catalytic converter included in delivery enables the low O2 content in the tent, secured by the automatic airlock. The different available sizes of the anaerobic working tent enable a wide range of applications, such as for Äkta, HPLC or other similarly large instruments and are subdivided into three different types: type A, type B and type C. These differ in their working surface from 0.86 m2 to 1.6 m2 and in their number of working places. A large equipment entry port facilitates easy filling of the chambers before start of the experiment. Whoever has experienced the advantages and flexibility of of this consequently thought-out solution for anaerobic working will not want to miss it.

You want to work in a permanently controlled O2 concentration with yout hypoxic cell culture? The solution for this are the hypoxic glove boxes from Coylab. The long-term incubation is performed in the humidity-regulated incubator of the chamber. Through O2, CO2, and temperature controller an indirect verification of the chamber atmosphere is possible at any time. Optionally treatment of the cells in the largely sterile atmosphere is also possible without gloves. The boxes vary in working surface and in the number of workplaces. 

Chemically resistant anaerobic chambers from aluminum and tempered glass, low budget cabinets and boxes for in vivo applications are additional products from Coylab. Coy Laboratory Products has been leading in equipment for strictly anaerobic microbiology with their anaerobic vinyl tents for decades. We as exclusive partner in Germany can offer instruments with unique performance also for hypoxia “in vivo” or “in vitro” (cell culture). Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to create an individual offer for you.

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