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Socorex Acura manual 826 XS Mikroliterpipette 1-10 µl, gelbe Spitze | 7-7301

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10 µl
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The Socorex Acura® manual microliter pipettes were developed with the highest customer requirements in mind and guarantee comfort and reliable results for routine work as well as for complicated pipetting processes. The pipette line is equipped with a precision adjustment mechanism and is continuously adjustable up to a very fine resolution of the volumes.

The Acura manual 826XS models are ideal for research laboratories. The short shaft allows optimized instrument guidance. Ideal for precise applications such as pipetting in microtubes. The innovative sealing ring concept* stands for extremely gentle pipetting and reduced hand fatigue during work processes.

The extremely gentle volume adjustment allows simultaneous one-hand operation. The discharge can be adjusted in length. Sensitive click stops, together with the freely rotating Smartie pushbutton cap ensure extreme stability of the volume adjustment within the pipetting process.

Excellent ergonomics

Gentle operation of all functions

Unsurpassed performance data and durability

Adjustable tip ejector* for the most common tips

Integrated In-Lab Calibration System Swift-Set*

Shock and UV light resistant, autoclavable

CE certified IVD 98/79 EG

Three-year warranty

* Socorex patented
Technical Data:
IVD Konform Yes
Messabweichung systematisch in µl 0,1 µl
Messabweichung zufällig in µl 0,07 µl
Messabweichung systematisch in % 1 %
Messabweichung zufällig in % 0,7 %
Operation mechanic
Color Weiß
Autoclavable Yes
Power supply without power supply
Operation by Drehknöpfe/Tasten
Number of channels 1
Certificate type calibration certificate from manufacturer
With certification Yes
Ergonomically shaped Yes
Pipette type microliter pipettes
Microliter pipette type (construction) air displacement pipette
Microliter pipette/ dispenser model Socorex Acura® manual
MAX volume 10 µl
MIN volume 1 µl
With color code Yes
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Bedienungsanleitung_Mikroliterpipette Socorex Acura® manual XS 826_7-7301.pdf Bedienungsanleitung_Mikroliterpipette Socorex Acura® manual XS 826_7-7301.pdf
Produktinformaton_Mikroliterpipette Socorex Acura® manual XS 826_7-7301.pdf Produktinformaton_Mikroliterpipette Socorex Acura® manual XS 826_7-7301.pdf

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