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Manitowoc Ice Machine, 400 kg/day, water-cooling | TW-0020

SKU: TW-0020

400 kg/24h
Water cooling
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The powerful flake ice makers of the Manitowoc® brand produce different amounts of compact, granular ice flakes particularly quickly and cost-effectively.

Cost-effective and fast production
Flake ice has large surfaces and thus cools very fast. It can be used in many different areas - from supermarkets to food production to laboratories - and can be directly applied to the products to be cooled. Important for all users is always the consistently high quality of the compact and granular flakes with very good cooling performance.

Use efficient technologies
Flake ice is manufactured in accordance with HACCP in a vertical stainless steel evaporator. In this case, a screw feeds the ice in a closed system to the head of the cylinder, where it is pressed and broken into the desired size. In this particularly hygienic and economical process almost the entire amount of water used is converted into ice.

Of course, sustainable and highly efficient
All ice makers use the environmentally friendly refrigerant R 290. This protects the environment and reduces energy requirements by up to 30%. The naturally occurring propane gas has no ozone depletion potential and extremely low global warming potential.

Ice maker: 3 years (parts) - 2 years (work)
Evaporator: 3 years (parts) - 2 years (work)
Compressor: 5 years (parts) - 2 years (work)

All devices are suitable for deionized water

Technical Data:
geeignet für Verwendung mit VE-Wasser Yes
Geräte Eigenkühlung Water cooling
Eisleistung kg/24h 400 kg/24h
Material stainless steel
Voltage 230 V
Height 700 mm
Width / Breadth 762 mm
Lieferumfang Flockeneisbereiter, Wasserzulauf-Set, Wasserablauf-Set
Color Silber
For ambient temperature 10 to 43° C
Operation by Drehknöpfe/Tasten
Placement options standalone
Refrigerator/ freezer type Flake ice maker without collecting container
Interior leer
Cooling medium closed circle R 290 (Propan)
Cooling medium freezing mixture (closed system)
Width/ Breadth 599 mm
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