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PHCBI cryogenic freezer, -150°C, 128 liters | 7-6022

SKU: 7-6022

128 l
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Cryopreservation is the storage of living organisms, cells or tissues at extremely low temperatures to later restore the same viable state as before freezing. For long term storage, samples must be stored below the gass transition temperature of aqueous solutions, at about -130 ° C. This is the temperature at which frozen water no longer sublimes and recrystallizes. Therefore, storage up to -150 ° C is required for long-term preservation. The cryogenic freezers are known for maintaining uniform temperatures at -150 ° C for reliable, long-term maintenance of cells and tissues. The cryogen freezer can achieve greater storage capacity than a conventional insulated freezer, thanks to thin vacuum insulated panels (VIP), without increasing space requirements while maintaining superior temperature stability.

Technical Data:
Geräte Eigenkühlung Air cooling
Temp MAX -125 °C
Temp MIN -155 °C
Material steel
Sound volume 51 dB
Voltage 230 V
With interface Yes
Power 1100 W
Height 1010 mm
Weight 318 kg
Interface type USB
Length 1730 mm
Width / Breadth 765 mm
Color beige
Inner length 760 mm
Inner width/breadth 495 mm
Inner height 615 mm
Operation by Touchscreen
With alarm function Yes
With integrated data storage Yes
With data logger Yes
With potential free contact for remote alarm Yes
With continuously adjustable temperature Yes
Placement options standalone
With implementation possibilities Yes
MAX possible implementation diameter 40 mm
With wheels Yes
Freezer volume 128 l
Capacity for 50-well boxes 150
Refrigerator/ freezer type Ultra deep freezer
Number of possible implementations 2
Interior leer
With separate inner doors Yes
Cooling medium closed circle FCW-mix
Cooling medium freezing mixture (closed system)
Width/ Breadth 1730 mm
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