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Stemi 508

  • Zeiss

  • The apochromatic optics of the Stemi 508 from Zeiss ensure that color errors are corrected directly, resulting in extremely realistic images. It is a very resilient microscope from Zeiss, which is why the Stemi 508 is robust and durable. Ergonomically adapted and with good optics, this microscope is an all-rounder for daily laboratory work.

Stemi 508 - your apochromatic stereo microscope with 8: 1 zoom for excellent image contrast and color accuracy

  • Stemi 508

    Efficient suppression of stray light

    8: 1 zoom range

    Between 2 × and 250 × mm eyepieces

    3D effect



    Stemi 508

    The Stemi 508 from Zeiss offers you the ability to take pictures with excellent image contrast and color accuracy. With its apochromatic optics, color errors are corrected to ensure that the sample is displayed as realistically as possible. The mechanics are designed for a heavy workload, which is why this Zeiss microscope is particularly durable and robust. With a large object field of up to 36 mm, you always have an overview of your sample. The large zoom range enables you to magnify your sample up to 50 times. Optionally, you can also add an interchangeable lens to enlarge your field of vision. The Stemi 508 is the most ergonomic microscope that works according to the Greenough principle. Thanks to its small viewing angle of 35 °, you have relaxed posture even after a long working daya in front of the microscope. Observe and document your samples exactly as they are with this stereomicroscope from Zeiss! The look and resolution are rich in detail, focused and without distortion or color fringing. Stemi 508 - your robust all-rounder for daily laboratory work and industrial inspections.

    Together with our customer service, you can also have this Zeiss product created individually, according to your personal needs. It is particularly important to us at neoLab that you can receive and have exactly those products that can optimize your everyday work. The most important thing for us is you as a satisfied customer, so feel free to contact our consultants if you have any questions or concerns!

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