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  • Zeiss

  • With the Primovert from Zeiss, you work with an innovative inverted microscope. It is characterized by its high resilience and good appearance. Analyze your cells in the best conditions with the Primovert and improve your everyday work!

Primovert - your compact inverted routine microscope

  • Primovert

    Change from phase to fluorescence contrast

    Work directly in the sterile environment


    HDcam has an integrated camera

    iLED - perfect for your daily work with cell cultures




    The Primovert is an inverted microscope with good optics, high durability, simple operation and an attractive industrial design. Examine and assess your living cells quickly and easily, because the Primovert is specially designed for the assessment of cell cultures. The Primovert is also ideally suited for the rapid and efficient control of living cells in innovative research laboratories. This Zeiss microscope has a high optical performance, is compact and can be used directly in your clean room workbench. Examine unstained cells in phase contrast and GFP-labeled cells in fluorescence contrast! The inverted microscope is perfect for cancer and genetic research as well as human, animal and plant genetics.

    Together with our customer service, you can also have this Zeiss product created individually, according to your personal needs. It is particularly important to us at neoLab that you can receive and have exactly those products that can optimize your everyday work. The most important thing for us is you as a satisfied customer, so feel free to contact our consultants if you have any questions or concerns!

Interest? Then contact us and we will configure your personal ZEISS microscope

The best Primovert configurations from neoLab®

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