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  • The Axiolab.A1 is one of many quality products from Zeiss! Its pleasant operation and exceptional picture quality guarantee good working conditions. Thanks to its optimal price-performance ratio, it is not only suitable for biomedical laboratories, but also for educational institutions such as schools or universities. Find out more about the Axiolab.A1 from Zeiss here!

AxioLab A1 - Developed for biomedical laboratories, universities and courses

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    Quad reflector turret

    50-W-halogen lamp

    Notice any material defect




    The Axiolab.A1 binocular microscope is ideal for biomedical laboratories, universities and courses.
    The excellent ergonomics, ease of use and excellent image quality enable versatile medical applications. The polarization contrast enables you to characterize the microstructures of hair, soil samples and fibers in forensics of criminological samples.
    The Axiolab.A1 is also used in other industries. With bright field, fluorescence and polarization microscopy you can analyze paint and color particles and as a geologist you can test rock and mineral samples, for example for petroleum production. In environmental protection, you identify the microstructure of materials such as asbestos fibers. Reliable microscopic images are essential, especially when working in the laboratory. With the Axiolab.A1 you can also be sure that your microscope works cost-efficiently and with the highest performance.
    Another significant advantage of the Axiolab.A1 is that it is ergonomically optimal and is even TÜV-tested! This guarantees comfortable and easy handling!

    Together with our customer service, you can also have this Zeiss product created individually, according to your personal needs. It is particularly important to us at neoLab that you can receive and have the products created that optimize your everyday work. The most important thing for us is you as a satisfied customer, so feel free to contact our consultants if you have any questions or concerns!

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