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qpore® - Finest Filtration

qpore labor filter

The qpore® brand offers a wide range of high-quality laboratory filters. Core competencies include syringe filters, transfer membranes, round filters and bottle-top filters. According to the motto “FINEST FILTRATION”, the highest quality standards are at the heart of the brand.

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The use of laboratory filters and membranes is flexible, the physical principle is analogous and yet geared to a precisely defined goal. Sieve filtration by deposition mechanism, production of homogeneous emulsions by membranes or sterile filtration of cell culture media. The applications are endless. Theoretically, the principle of filtration is simple: separation of solid or liquid particles from a fluid phase by means of a porous excipient. The fluid phase can represent gases or a liquid. Depending on the application, the resulting parameters vary from which a process can be optimized.

Moonlab® meets its high-quality standards only by using the best raw materials and materials in production
Always close cooperation with users from laboratory and industry ensure the best possible and easy application of the products
Efficient logistics through neolab.de and strong partners ensure a fast supply chain to end users
The qpore® laboratory filter portfolio offers a wide range of blotting membranes, bottletop, liquistop, membrane and syringe attachment filters always to suit your needs. Particularly chemical-resistant, durable, blotting membranes made of hydrophobic PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) and sensitive CN (cellulose nitrate) ensure background-free blots and optimal bands, due to a high protein binding capacity - without prior soak in organic solvents (PVDF). bottle-top filters, which are particularly suitable for filtration of larger sample quantities. Filters from CA (cellulose acetate), PES (Polyethersulfon) or PVDF show high flow rates, with very low protein binding. They are free of detergents, sterile, pyrogen-free and are therefore ideally suited for filtration of cell culture media.
Sterile qpore® syringe filters have a hydrophilic membrane made of PES or CA - with a high mechanical and chemical resistance with minimal protein absorption. Due to an excellent flow rate, they are optimally suited for sterile filtration, clear filtration and cell removal under sterile conditions
The hydrophilic, non-sterile qpore® membrane filters made of (CME) are made up of CA and CN and are characteristic of a soft, homogeneous surface structure. Thanks to effective retention properties, high flow rates, and excellent thermal resistance, these membrane filters are suitable for a wide range of applications from clear and sterile filtration to air particle analysis.