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Laboratory Equipment
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labtable - lab furniture & concepts

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labtable - Lab furniture & concepts is an experienced manufacturer of professional laboratory furniture and fume cupboards.
We would be happy to advise you on the various options available to you at labtable. From the design of laboratory interiors, project management, production of the necessary elements and their assembly, to routine operating and prescribed maintenance - we will be happy to help you customize your laboratory. Modify every area of your laboratory down to the last detail or choose individual standard products that optimally complement your laboratory. With labtable you will find the best solution.
We offer two different lines of laboratory furniture and concept:

  • Optimized for price / performance
  • Laboratory furniture bestseller
  • Technician knowledge not necessary
  • Custom-made laboratory furniturel
  • Individual laboratory furniture
  • Advice needed
  • Different colors available

labtable basic line – independently to your perfect furnishing

  • LabTable basic
  • The advantages of the labtable basic line are quite clear: no more help required during installation! With other manufacturers, you need a technician to assemble the ordered laboratory furniture. Not with labtable! In our basic line we offer you our standard selection of products. This high-quality laboratory furniture is easy to install and does not require a technician. This saves you costs and at the same time you get the best quality.

labtable professional line – individual solutions for your laboratory

  • LabTable Banner
  • Create your optimal laboratory together with us. With the professional line there are hardly any limits. You can design, change, and modify every centimeter of the laboratory. Laboratory furniture is customized exactly to your needs, and you also have the choice of different colors. We modify fume cupboards according to your ideas or place ports in the exact position you require. With the labtable professional line you can make your dream laboratory come true. We are happy to support you!


Various customers:



Chemical institutes

Automotive industry

Pharmaceutical industry


Laboratory Planning

Laboratory and worktables as well as many other labtable products are manufactured in a variety of dimensional and shape variants according to your individual requirements. With the help of our laboratory consultants, we solve complex requirements for you, from the idea to the creation of laboratory furniture.

Variety of products
Various laboratory furniture
Media distribution systems

labtable professional line - examples



Doors on nickel-plated hinges can be removed without removing screws

Doors with opening capacity of up to 110°

Drawers - self-closing metal and robust


Complex laboratory tables

Plan your laboratory tables together with us! Shape, height, color, handholds - you can modify every detail of your laboratory table to obtain a product perfectly customized for you. Of course, you can also have sinks or ports attached to the place where you optimize your laboratory routine. We would be pleased to help you with the design and implementation of your personal laboratory tables!

Variable elements
Variable Work surface materials
Media distribution walls
Wall fittings
Safety showers
Various connections
Demineralized water
Electrical connection
Flammable gases
Technical gases


Connection to every exhaust air system and every measuring and control unit

Safety windows are electronically controlled and communicate with measuring and control units, thus increasing safety and reducing costs

Optical crossbar at the lower window edge protects users from injury and equipment from damage


Fume cupboards /Digestorium

The fume cupboards from labtable integrate the latest components of technological development and fulfil all European standards. The selection of fume cupboards extends from user-friendly constructions with mechanical sash window and manual control to electrically controlled fume cupboards and so-called intelligent fume cupboards. These high-quality features can be further optimized with the labtable professional line - with us you have the possibility to have your fume cupboard designed according to your individual needs!

Various fume cupboard widths (mm)
Different materials for work surface
full ceramics
acid-resistant ceramic tiles
stainless steel
High-pressure laminate

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