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Test weights

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Not only scales, but also the associated test weights are essential in the laboratory. Only by calibrating the scales regularly with calibrated test weights can the accuracy of the instrument be guaranteed. We offer the precise weights of Kern in many different sizes. Weights in the milligram range up to several kilos, in our neoLab shop you will find just about everything. Separate suitcases and cases for single weights or whole sets of weights, we also offer here you will find it!

All Test weights of KERN here!

Top test weights from KERN®

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  1. 1070 €1,070.00
    Material adjusting weight: Milligram weights aluminium/german silver, individual weights finely turned brass or finely

    Availability: In stock

  2. 800 €800.00
    Material adjusting weight: polished stainless steel|Note: If weights are shipped without a protective box, it is highly

    Availability: In stock

  3. 1840 €1,840.00
    Standardised weight containers for testing high-load floor scales, pallet scales, pallet truck scales, crane scales, etc

    Availability: In stock

  4. 3.9 €3.90
    Material adjusting weight: aluminium (1 mg–5 mg) / german silver (10 mg–500 mg)

    Availability: In stock

  5. From 3.4 €3.40
    Kern Kalibriergewichte

    Availability: In stock

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