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The Gilson Inc. was founded, in Middelton, Wisconsin, in 1957 and has specialized on the development, production, and distribution of pipettes, chromatographs, and liquid handlers. In addition to the pipettes they offer a professional and reliable service for maintenance, calibration, and repair.



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The development of Gilson® began around 1940 by Dr. Ing. Warren Gilson. He developed for himself and his research colleagues medical devices and electronics that did not exist on the market. His goal was to facilitate and improve research through optimized laboratory equipment. Out of this endeavor, the company later emerged. Subsequently, the focus was added to improve the handling and treatment of liquids. In addition, Gilson® specialized in having manual processes performed by invented devices, thereby refining the accuracy of the analysis.

Gilson® products are engineered to work accurately in the laboratory and provide a high degree of precision and accuracy.
High-quality materials and optimized technology, such as the patented PIPETMAN®, ensure the highest product quality.
Preventative maintenance for your equipment, qualified after-sales service and repair service from product experts, and distinguishes Gilson®.

Today, the company has a wide range of products with a focus on pipettes, chromatographs and liquid handling. Gilson® products enable ideal laboratory work with innovative products. The company has set itself the task of developing their products in such a way that the handling of the samples is particularly accurate and highly reproducible. This gives the products perfect analysis and reliable results. In addition, Gilson® also offers a professional and reliable service for maintenance, calibration and repair of their products.

Specializing in liquid handling, Gilson® offers a range of different micropipettes for different liquids. The company offers several models of single channel pipettes. TheDer PIPETMAN® P is an air cushion pipette that can be set differently. The MICROMAN® E is a direct-displacement pipette for viscous, nonaqueous solutions such as organic solvents, oil, concentrated sulfuric acid or blood. All Gilson® pipette models feature ergonomic handling, accuracy and longevity. Gilson® also offers a variety starter kits with everything you need to make the most of a micropipette..
Another innovative product of Gilson® is the multichannel pipette. MWith this pipette you can summarize several pipetting steps, as several pipette tips are attached to the product. This not only leads to higher productivity, but also to more accurate results. This type of pipette is particularly suitable in research or in a large sample volume, because the rapid and simplified addition of multiple volumes within a single work step, the time required significantly. As with the single-channel pipette, Gilson® offers multichannel pipettes not only mechanically but also electronically.
The DISPENSEMAN® is another product of Gilson® in the field of liquid handling. In this bottle top you can control the liquid delivery in three stages. Different volumes can be adjusted manually by moving the slider on the attachment. In addition, the anti-drip function ensures extra safety in everyday laboratory work, as the remaining liquid is returned directly to the bottle. The ease of use and high accuracy of Gilson®'s various dispenser products make it particularly practical.