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Cryomaster® - Kryomanagement

Cryomaster Produktsortiment

The Cryomaster® brand provides suitable sample storage solutions. The product spectrum ranges from cabinet trays and frames to chest frames, cryo boxes and cryovials. Consistent environmentally conscious production and sales management guarantee the best quality, as well as a minimum ecological footprint. In this way, the Cryomaster products can be used with the best knowledge and conscience.

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The quality of Cryomaster products is ensured by innovative manufacturing processes and strict quality control.
Always close cooperation with users from laboratory and industry ensure the best possible and easy application of the products
Efficient logistics through neolab.de and strong partners ensure a fast supply chain to end users.
The Cryomaster® trays and frames are available in sizes and formats adapted to your needs. Cryomaster® is as flexible as your sample storage requires. For the demand determination, the specification of the used tubes, cryoboxes and, if already available, the used freezer model is enough.

The Cryomaster® chest seam for sample storage in freezers is a precise production of high-quality stainless steel. They allow optimal space utilization with maximum stability in your freezer. The integrated holding rod prevents the boxes from falling out of the chest rack. At the top of the chest frame there is a practical folding handle for easy removal.
The Cryomaster® cabinet racks for sample storage in freezers, each have a practical folding handle for easy removal on the front and back, compared to the chest rack.
The Cryomaster® cabinet trays are the safest and most comfortable version of sample storage in freezers. Due to the drawer system, you have targeted access to the desired box or sample, while the remaining samples remain safely in the cold within a slot. If you use different box formats for sample storage, Cryomaster® also offers practical ordering systems in the form of cabinet boxes. Cabinet boxes ensure order in the interior of the freezer while at the same time providing flexibility within a cabinet box. In addition, all elements of the Cryomaster® ordering system can be adapted to your needs (other formats or dimensions, marking of the frames and much more!).
Kryobox The inexpensive Cryomaster® cryobox with stubble ceiling is made of cold-resistant, coated cardboard. This cardboard box is therefore suitable for sample storage at low temperatures of up to -86°C. Through 4 holes in the bottom of the box, condensed water can flow off without any problems. The cryobox without grid can be flexibly used as a storage box in your laboratory with different grid inserts.
The Cryomaster® cryotubes with external thread and stand ring are made of high-quality pure polypropylene. Thus, these cryovials are suitable for temperatures from -196°C to +121°C and can be used, among other things, for freezing samples with liquid nitrogen. Thanks to a 1D barcode printed on the side of the tube, these cryotubes are suitable for biobanking. The screw cap with external thread does not require an O-ring due to the fit accuracy, which additionally prevents potential contamination. The tubes are sterile packed in bags and DNase-, RNase-, endotoxin- and DNA-free.
The Cryomaster® cryotubes with internal thread and stand ring are also made of high-quality pure polypropylene. The Cryomaster® cryotubes are available in different lid colors (white, red, green, blue, yellow, violet) which allows a color coding of samples. The tubes are also sterile packed in bags and DNase-, RNase-, endotoxin- and DNA-free. Kryoröhrchen

A suitable addition to the Cryomaster® range is products of the brand CellCamper®, whose focus is mainly on the safe transport of frozen cells and the freezing of your cells.