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Hypoxische Kammern

  • Coylab

    Hypoxic glove boxes

  • Do you want to work with your hypoxic cell cultures in a permanently controlled O2 concentration? The solution to this is the O2 control glove boxes from Coy. For research work that requires a constant and controlled atmosphere to maintain and control hypoxic, normoxic or hyperoxic conditions, these Coy chambers are ideal for you because you can control the oxygen level from 0-100%. Areas of application include cell and tissue culture or animal research. In addition to the standard equipment, you can of course optimize your Coy glove box. So you get the best product, perfectly tailored to your laboratory. Our product expert Jürgen Traunecker will be happy to help you!

An overview of our hypoxic glove boxes

The Coylab Products® InVivo Glove Box

  • Coylab #1

    InVivo Glove Box

    The InVivo Glove Box by Coy is ideal for keeping animals under the same conditions over a longer period of time. The care and treatment of the animals can easily take place inside the chamber without disturbing the hypoxic or hyperoxic atmosphere. You can choose between vinyl and aluminum with polycarbonate for the materials from which your glove box should be made. You can optimize your chamber, for example, with a special filtration system that conducts and filters the animal gaseous waste out of the chamber. However, there are many other options available to you, just contact our Coy product experts.

The Coylab Products® InVitro Glove Box

  • Coylab #2

    InVitro Glove Box

    The treatment of cells in the largely sterile atmosphere in the Coy InVitro Glove Box is also possible without gloves. Thanks to the special sleeve system from Coy, it is possible to insert your hands comfortably without gloves or with normal laboratory gloves without changing the atmosphere in the chamber. A large side access or optionally a removable front panel ensures that all equipment for work can be easily inserted into the InVitro Glove Box. You will find even more accessories with us to perfectly design your Glove Box to meet your needs. Talk to our product expert Jürgen Traunecker to find the best solution for you and your laboratory.

The following additional modules are available::

  • Of course, you can optimize the equipment according to your individual needs and requirements, so please contact our product expert Jürgen Traunecker. We are happy to help you design your coy box!

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