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Humidity Control Box

  • Coylab

    Humidity Control Glove Box

  • In a chamber, is your focus on maintaining the humidity as precisely as possible? Then a Humidity Control Glove Box from Coy is just the thing for you! Divided into higher and lower air humidity, the glove boxes are designed for every moisture level. In addition to the particularly sensitive moisture sensor technology with PID control, you also have the choice between various drying systems that best suit your needs when equipping the chambers. Our product expert Jürgen Traunecker will be happy to advise you! At neoLab, we work with Coy to ensure that you get the best products that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

An overview of our Humidity Control Glove Boxes

The Coylab Products® Humidity Control Glove Boxes

  • Coylab #1

    Humidity Control Glove Boxes

    The regular Humidity Control Glove Boxes make it possible to set a particularly wide range of humidity. The ultrasonic humidifier from Coy also allows a higher humidity in the chamber than the normal conditions. Here, water from an extra container is used and atomized in the chamber to create the desired atmosphere. With this glove box you can also choose between different materials and their properties. Boxes made of polycarbonate are generally cheaper and have lower operating costs, but these chambers do not have as long a lifetime as the more stable glove boxes with aluminum. The latter can be equipped with tempered glass and thus also work with corrosive chemicals. You can design the Humidity Control Glove Boxes from Coy in the way that is optimal for your laboratory. Talk to our product expert Jürgen Traunecker and find the best solution for your laboratory together with neoLab!

The Coylab® Dry Glove Boxes

  • Coylab #2

    Dry Glove Boxes

    The Dry Glove Boxes are characterized by the fact that you can work in very dry conditions, because the drying system you choose keeps the moisture at 5% or lower. Since it is a closed system, an environment can be created from inert gas when drying with gas and at the same time the humidity can be controlled and regulated. Depending on how you want your atmosphere to be, it can of course also be advantageous to have a drying system with desiccant, since it is possible in some cases that the inert gas influences the atmospheric conditions. Please speak to our Coy product expert Jürgen Traunecker for the optimal equipment of your chamber! In general, the boxes are equipped with glove-free access, but it is recommended that the Dry Glove Boxes also wear laboratory gloves because the low humidity can be influenced by the moisture on the hands. When choosing the material for the glove boxes, you have the same options as for the humidity control box. When it comes to equipment, you can also choose any option that is optimal for your laboratory, we will be happy to help you with the design!

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