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Basic Glove Box

  • Coylab

    Basic Glove Boxes

  • Coy's basic glove boxes are an affordable way to perform and maintain a variety of environments and functions. Because the base unit is a manual system, there are more than 20 different options available to configure the unit for your specific needs.

    Choose the materials that meet your needs: Vinyl glove boxes are for easy storage and ease of use. Due to their flexible design and handling, polymer glove boxes are ideal for most simple glove box applications. Aluminum glove boxes are suitable for long-lasting and highly chemical experiments. If you have any questions, contact our neoLab product expert Jürgen Traunecker and discuss your options!

The Coylab Products® Vinyl Glove Boxes

  • Coylab #1

    Vinyl glove boxes

    The flexible vinyl glove boxes are a simple and inexpensive alternative to fixed glove boxes for sealed environments or simple containment applications.
    The wall of the box is made of durable, flexible PVC, which is mounted on a solid base with an aluminum support frame. The wall consists of a one-piece cover that can withstand years of use. The optically clear vinyl of the wall improves the view of the laboratory technician and the flexible gloves and connections ensure that the ergonomics of the employee are improved. All vinyl boxes are of course available in customer-specific sizes and in different configurations.

    Talk to our neoLab product expert Jürgen Traunecker about the different options and your individual wishes.

The Coylab® aluminum glove boxes

  • Coylab #2

    Aluminum glove boxes

    The aluminum glove boxes were developed for easy operation with a gas inlet valve and automatic pressure relief valve. They are ideal for simple containment or dry gas purging processes and you can control oxygen, humidity, temperature or CO2 in these boxes in various ways. Aluminum units can be designed to meet your unique needs by selecting different components from a variety of interchangeable Coy parts and accessories.
    They are the perfect glove box type to work with harsh chemicals, as Coy adds a layer of tempered glass to the regular field of view on the top. Talk to our neoLab product expert Jürgen Traunecker about the various Options and your individual wishes.

The Coylab® fixed polymer glove boxes

  • Coylab #3

    Fixed polymer glove boxes

    The solid polymer glove boxes from Coy are a cost-effective way to perform and maintain a wide range of atmospheres and functions, from simple dry gas purging to insulation or containment. The modular structure of the polymer glove boxes allows you to choose the options you need for your personal business. The airtight housing with over 20 different optional accessoriesallows you to put together the ideal glove box for your application. Customize your chamber to get the best possible product for your laboratory. The standard configuration enables simple gas purge operations with a gas inlet valve and an automatic pressure relief valve. The neoLab Coy Polymer Glove Box can also be easily and inexpensively adapted to your needs!

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