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Anaerobe Vinyl-Kammern

  • Coylab

    Anaerobic vinyl-chambers

  • Coy's anaerobic chambers are designed to work in a very low oxygen environment. Since each research work requires different prerequisites, the anaerobic Coy chamber is perfectly designed for your own needs. Due to their changeability and individual design and composition, we create optimal working conditions for you. The many options make it particularly easy to optimally design the chamber according to your needs. Simply contact our product expert Jürgen Traunecker and optimize your chamber!

The Coylab® anaerobic vinyl chambers

  • Coylab #1

    Anaerobic vinyl chambers

    The anaerobic vinyl chambers from Coy are characterized by the flexible vinyl wall, which can optimally adapt to pressure differences. Due to the flexibility of the material, the increasing pressure due to the insertion of the hands can no longer influence the system.
    There is also no overpressure situation here, which must be compensated for by the gas supply in fixed chambers. With such solid chambers, gas consumption is significantly increased and problems with micro leakage can also be caused. Thanks to the flexible vinyl wall, you have gas savings of up to 60% compared to fixed chambers! In addition, the vinyl chamber from Coy has large and oval openings on the gloves, which gives you more mobility within the chamber and can therefore be used optimally. These openings are also padded on the underside, which is particularly ergonomic, since the arms can be easily and comfortably put down. Another advantage of this chamber from Coy is that the gloves can be changed in less than 30 seconds, which saves a lot of time. A large equipment entry port allows the chamber to be easily equipped with larger equipment before the start of the experiment.

The Coylab® polymer chambers

  • Coylab #2

    Polymer chambers

    The Coy polymer chamber is an affordable option to start with an anaerobic chamber. These simple, but high quality chambers guarantee strictly anaerobic conditions like other Coy products, but are only around half the price. Due to the inflexible construction material, however, it requires a special pressure relief system. This chamber is the most economical on the market, it is an optimal solution for short research projects and small budgets. You can of course have the size and equipment of the chamber designed individually according to your ideas and needs.

The Coylab Products® glove-free anaerobic chamber

  • Coylab #3

    Glove-free anaerobic chamber

    Another option for you is a glove-free anaerobic chamber from Coy, which enables you as the operator to work in particularly pleasant conditions. After the operator has passed his arms through the glove-free sleeves, a foot-operated sleeve vacuum system creates an internal atmosphere in the sleeves before the access plugs are removed. This enables the operator's arms to get into the glove compartment without affecting the anaerobic atmosphere. Of course, you can optimize the equipment according to your individual needs and requirements. To do this, contact our product expert Jürgen Traunecker.

The following additional modules are available:

  • Of course, you can optimize the equipment according to your individual needs and requirements, so please contact our product expert Jürgen Traunecker. We are happy to help you design your Coy chamber!

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