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  • Are you interested in an/aerobic tents or hypoxic chambers? Then you are exactly right with us! We at neoLab have been working with Coy for many years. Specializing in the incubation of cell cultures, Coy is the market leader with its anaerobic or hypoxic chambers. As an exclusive dealer in Germany, we are best familiar with all Coy products and can give you the best advice. That's exactly why we have a specialist who works hand in hand with Coy and is happy to work out individual solutions for your laboratory. Jürgen Traunecker will be happy to advise you. We not only bring the knowledge, but the experience to find the best equipment for you and your laboratory.

    Feel free to contact our product expert Jürgen Traunecker and find the best possible equipment for your laboratory with him!

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We from the Biomolecular Chemistry group headed by Prof. Dr. Christian Hertweck investigate bacteria that can only exist in the absence of oxygen, so-called anaerobes. We want to discover new medicinally usable natural products, decode their ecological role and understand the biosynthetic mechanisms of their creation. For this we need closed systems that guarantee oxygen-free atmospheres and still allow enough space and flexibility for experimental work. The Coy Laboratory's Anaerobic Chamber meets the required criteria to your complete satisfaction.
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