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The Focus of the CellCamper® brand is on the safe transport and storage of frozen samples. The range of products ranges from freezing boxes for -80° C freezer to transport containers, which are supposed to maintain a consistently low temperature for the duration of the transport of the cells. To ensure uniform temperature distribution and insulation, CellCamper products are made of high-tech materials.



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The latest high-tech plastics and materials ensure a high reliability and a long product life, which also protect the environment.
A streamlined, and efficient value chain ensures a resource-saving and sustainable use of raw materials and energy.
Only continuous development can create innovation & produce new technologies. We secure this process along the entire value chain.
The CellCamper® Mini is a freeze-in box that freezes a variety of cell types (such as primary cells, stem cells, yeasts, bacteria, etc.) without the use of alcohol. The freezing rate of this novel freeze box is -1°C per minute in a -80°C freezer and is reproducible. The advantage of the CellCamper® to a conventional freezing box, is that no alcohols, such as isopropanol or other substances that are expensive to dispose of, come to use. This technology uses a heat-conducting alloy and highly insulating outer materials. This ensures uniform heat dissipation from each individual sample. Einfrierboxen
Transportboxen With the CellCamper® Maxi refrigerated transport box, you can safely transport and cool your samples without the use of ice or any other energy source. With the help of different cooling units, 3 temperature ranges are available: cool (+0 to +4°C/up to 12 hours), frozen (-20 to +0°C/up to 12 hours) or ultrafrozen-frozen (-22 to -18°C/up to 5 hours). As an alternative to the refrigeration units, you can also use dry ice. This way, you can safely store your samples at the desired temperature for a long period of time. The CellCamper® Midi is the smaller version of the CellCamper® Maxi.
All components of the CellCamper® Midi or CellCamper® Maxi refrigerated transport boxes are very robust and easy to clean with alcohol. The carrying strap facilitates the transport of the samples directly at the workplace, under the safety workbench or even in the aircraft. Due to the various usable aluminum blocks ideal for PCR tubes, 1.5 – 2.0 ml reaction vessels and cryovials. Kühlakkus
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