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SlipLock Flipper® Rack for PCR and reaction vessels, set | 2-2769

SKU: 2-2769

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The set is made up of 4 racks in different colors as well as 2 lids, which each fit on top of 2 racks.
The racks can be securely interlocked with each other through easy, counter-directional sliding.
Can be extended as far as desired along the workbench. Stackable.

Each rack provides space for:
- 24 reaction vessels 1.5 or 2.0 ml, max. 11 mm Ø
- 16 reaction vessels 0.5 ml, max. 8 mm Ø
- 60 PCR tubes 0.1 or 0.2 ml
- 5 12-tube PCR-Strips 

2 connected racks are ideal for 1 96-well MTP (unskirted, semi-skirted) or 12 8-tube PCR-Strips.

Material: PP, temperature resistant from -80°C to +121°C
Dimensions (L x W x H):
130 x 54 x 35 mm (Rack)
133 x 107 x 56 mm (2 Racks connected, with lid)

Each set contains 1 rack each in red, blue, green and yellow as well as 2 transparent slip-on lids.

Technical Data:
Storage type racks
Material polypropylene (PP)
With special chemical resilience Yes
Height 56 mm
Width / Breadth 107 mm
Color blue|yellow|green|red
Stackable Yes
Suited for variable applications
Autoclavable Yes
With closure/ lid Yes
Suited for cooling in freezer
For containers with diamater up to 5,5 mm|8 mm|11 mm
Capacity variable (depending on vessel volume)
For containers with volume up to 0,1 ml|0,2 ml|0,5 ml|1,5 ml|2 ml
For small tube/ micro vessel type PCR-Reaktionsgefäße|Reagenzgläser/ Röhrchen|Reaktionsgefäße|Zentrifugenröhrchen
Rack type Gestell für Reaktionsgefäße, PCR-Tubes, Kryoröhrchen
Number of levels 1
For different vessel types/ volumes Yes
Wells (W x L) variable
For micro reaction vessel/ small tube shape for all shapes
Available in special sizes Yes
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