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Hexagonal hollow stoppers, brown glass, NS 45/40, 5 pcs/pack | 2-4273

SKU: 2-4273

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Conical hexagon hollow glass stoppers for all vessels with ground joint.
Fully temperature-resistant, very light.
Also usable for light-sensitive media.

Technical Data:
Artikelgruppe_Kurzbezeichnung Hollow Glass Stopper, amber coloured
Artikelgruppe_Bezeichnung neoLab-Hollow Glass Stopper, amber coloured
Thermal stability MAX 200 °C
Material borosilicate glass
Closure autoclavable Yes
Color of closure/ cap brown
Closure/ lid type NS-Stopfen
Closure/cap material borosilicate glass
Color brown
Suited for bottle with ground glass joint
Thermal stability MIN -70 °C
Autoclavable Yes
Thermal stability closure/ lid MAX 200 °C
With standard ground joint Yes
NS length 40
NS diameter 45
Thermal stability closure/ lid MIN -70 °C
Number of edges 6
Standard ground cone 45/40
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