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Strong brands. Quality. Innovation.

For decades we have been one of the leading laboratory suppliers in Germany. Our clients’ work is simplified through self-developed laboratory products under the umbrella brand “neoLab Line” in addition to quality manufacturer’s brands , which optimize existing products on the market and find innovative modes of operation. Values such as responsibility and respect towards humans and the environment are as dear to us as constantly striving for improvement.

Strong brands

As complete laboratory supplier and through our close connections with our clients we know exactly which products and brands you require. Benefit from our overview over the market, our staff members’ and clients’ experiences, and our long-standing commercial relationship with notable manufacturers and our resulting possibilities as distributer to advise you specifically for your needs.


Due to our over 60 years of practical experience and your feedback our product range is continuously expanded by our self-developed special products from the neoLab Line as innovative solution ideas. Our goal is to make your work in the laboratory easier, safer, and more cost-effective.

neoLab is your partner with heart and expertise, true to the maxim of the company, high-quality products for the laboratory to fair prices.

  1. neochrom
  2. neoTape
  3. neoPette
  4. neoMan
  5. neoRack
  6. neoStapelRack
  7. neoFuge
  8. neoBox
  9. neoBlock
Please also refer to our wide range of chemical products. These are only available to registered corporate clients.
Couldn’t find what you were looking for? At www.myneolab.de you can find our wide product range, which is especially interesting for large-scale customers.
Certified quality, in-house and with our products. See for yourself.