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Laboratory- and Biochemicals

At neoLab, we know the needs of laboratories and know what’s important. Safety and quality are indispensable for all offered chemicals.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Diverse product range
  • Short delivery times
  • Highest, constant quality
  • Individual packaging sizes
  • Special chemicals

Areas of application

  1. Biotechnology
  2. Brewery and fermentation
  3. Chemical analytics
  4. Human genetics
  5. Industrial production
  6. Classical microbiology
  7. Classical cell culture
  8. Clinical microbiology
  9. Cosmetics
  10. Laboratory hygiene
  11. Agriculture
  12. Food chemistry
  13. Teaching
  14. Dairy processing
  15. Molecular biology
  16. Organic syntheses
  17. Pharmaceutics
  18. Protein chemistry
  19. Stem cell research
  20. Textile and petroleum industry
  21. Veterinary medicine
  22. Environmental protection & sanitation
  23. Water treatment


Together with our partners we produce products and reagents for molecular biology and biochemistry, as well as chemicals of highest quality. The product lines include enzyme substrates, buffers, electrophoresis chemicals, and reagents for nucleic acid purification. At the same time neoLab distributes products of cell culture specialist Biological Industries and microbiological media from HiMedia Laboratories.
Formulations according to your specifications are possible as well. Please reach out to us through the contact form below.



Bottling of our products is done by well-trained staff, if necessary under sterile conditions with high-grade equipment.


We exclusively use high-quality containers with screw caps. Light sensitive substances are packaged accordingly in opaque containers, so that damage to the product is ruled out. Special requests for packaging sizes can be fulfilled depending on the chemical. Please reach out to us through the contact form below.


The Labochem product range includes high-quality laboratory chemicals and reagents from ABTS and acetone to zinc chloride and zinc sulfate. We also offer products for molecular biology and cell culture such as buffers, enzyme substrates, DNA and protein markers. The formulations and packaging sizes are freely selectable.
>>>Visit the Labochem website<<<


The Biofroxx product range includes: electrophoresis reagents (acrylamides, agarose, buffers, size markers, ...), amino acids, antibiotics, biological buffers, detergents, western blotting reagents, enzyme substrates, microbiological culture media, vitamins, cell culture reagents and media dyes for microscopy and histology.
>>>Visit the BioFroxx product line<<<

Biological Industries

BIOLOGICAL INDUSTRIES’ wide range of products includes the following fields: • Liquid and powdered cell culture medium • Sterile serum (Fetal Bovine Serum, Newborn, Donor horse, etc.) • Novel serum-free and animal component free media and supplements • Products for stem cell culture • Products for cytogenetics • Products for mycoplasma detection and treatment • Disinfectants • Contract manufacturing and custom formulations.
>>>Visit the Biological Industries website<<<


HiMedia Laboratories' innovative solutions for microbiology, cell culture and molecular biology. Portfolio of products and services includes all of the following: Microbiology • Standard dehydrated microbiological media • Broadest spectrum of chromogenic media worldwide • Granulated media • Media produced with vegetable peptones • Antimicrobial susceptibility • Differentiation aids • Peptone production facilities • Life science • Animal cell culture media and reagents (powder and liquid) • Customized cell culture media in large quantities • Cell Culture grade hydrolysates • Plant tissue culture media • Molecular biology • Teaching kits • Chemicals.
>>>Visit the HIMEDIA website<<<

Our staff has long-standing experience in the handling of biochemicals and chemicals, and works together closely with you and the providers.
neoLab offers custom packaging sizes and types upon request where applicable. With our partners and our know-how we will help you be successful.
No order is too small for us. Naturally you can also order products from other manufacturers through neoLab.

End-User Certificate

end-user certificateIn case a EUC is required for your chosen chemical, you will find an EUC form within the "documents" tab on the product detail page. Additionally you will receive an EUC attached to your order confirmation.

Please note that in order to process your order, we need this end-user certificate fully filled out and signed. You can send us your EUC via e-mail as a response to your order confirmation.
If you have any questions, please contact us.

Contact form

  • Please contact us if you should need chemicals that are not in our current product range. Special productions are possible.
  • We can only supply commercial customers. For some chemicals end-user certifications are required. Further information can be provided by our staff, who is going to process your request.
  • Shipping of chemicals occurs quickly and in appropriate packaging (cooled, opaque if applicable), so that your receive the chemicals in complete functionality.