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As a full provider for lab supplies, equipment and chemicals we will always find a solution for you!

This is an overview over the main sections of the service neoLab can provide for you. Click on the banner to find out more about the respective topic.

Should you have further questions, you can find contact forms within each section. Our service team is at your disposal via telephone as well. Just call the number at the top of the page.



300.000 products of laboratory equipment, all major brands, reduced ordering costs, faster ordering processes, tailored product selection, OCI connections and interfaces to BMEcat, Ariba Buyer, SAP – are some of the neoLab eProcurement advantages, especially for larger customers. >>> Find out more about neoLab eProcurement >>>



neoLab Supplies

as a full provider, neoLab offers products from known brands, such as Biofroxx, Brand, Duran, Eppendorf, Gilson, Labochem, Miele, Moonlab Plastic, Sunlab, Systec, Vacuubrand, etc.
Because of our experience and our longlasting relationship with customers, we know shortcomings and customer requests for improvements and therefore are able to offer solutions through our neoLabLine products. >>> Find out more about our neoLabLine products >>>



neolab Chemicals from A-Z

With our partner neofroxx, we supply our customers with brands such as Labochem International, Biological Industries, HiMedia and Biofroxx. neoLab is capable to provide specific chemicals, custom ordering sizes under a constanty high quality. surely we also provide all the necessary safety data sheets. >>>Find out more about our chemical product line >>>



neolab Planning and Consulting

neoLab at your service! From finding the right product for your task, optimizing your ordering process all the way to planning an entire lab with you; our experienced team can assist you in more ways than you think. >>> Find out more about neoLab consulting >>>