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    Biochrom - cytogenetics

    All products that you use in your cytogenetics laboratory and that you previously received from Biochrom are now listed by us. In the lower table we have compared the former article number of Biochrom to our appropriate equivalent. At neoLab you will quickly and easily find a replacement for the discontinued Biochrom media.

All cytogenetics of Biochrome

Biochrom Reference
Biological Industries
F 5023 RPMI Medium w/ L-Glutamine, FBS, PHA-M, Penicillin, Streptomycin and Sodium bicarbonate AL165A 01-201-1
M 5030 Accutase™ TCL075 03-073
L 6221 /L 6231 Colcemid Solution w/ 10 μg per ml Colcemid in Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution TCL074 12-004-1D (in DPBS)
L 6413 Potassium chloride solution 0.075 M TCL040 12-005-1
F 0543 Amniostart Ready to use media - 01-194