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Antibiotics and media additives

  • Biochrom

    Biochrom - Antibiotics and media additives

    Here you will find antibiotics and media supplements for your laboratory. For former Biochrom media, you can now easily change and easily access our high-quality products. In the table below you will find the equivalent media, so that your everyday laboratory life does not suffer from the omission of Biochrom media

All antibiotics and media additives from Biochrom

Biochrom Reference
Biological Industries
A 2612 Amphotericin B Solution 250μg/ml A011 -
A 2212 Antibiotic Solution 100X liquid w/ 10,000 U Penicillin and 10 mg Streptomycin per ml in 0.9% normal saline A016 03-031-1B
A 2912 Geneticin Solution, G418 Solution w/ 50 mg/ml Geneticin in sterile tissue culture grade water A016 -
A 2712 Gentamicin Solution w/ 10mg/ml Gentamicin sulfate in sterile tissue culture grade water A010 03-035
K 0293 MEM Non Essential Amino Acids Solution 100X ACL006 01-340-1B
K 0373 MEM Vitamin Solution 100X VA002 01-326-1B
L 1713 Sodium bicarbonate Solution 7.5% TCL013 03-040-1
K 0282 L-Glutamine 200mM solution in 0.85% normal saline ,cell culture tested TCL012 03-020-1A 03-020-1B 03-020-1C
K 0302 Supplement 200mM, 100X w/ L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine in 0.85% normal saline TCL030 03-022-1B
L 0 015/L 0030 Water, Sterile, Tissue Culture Grade TCL010 03-055-1A
L 1613 HEPES (powder) TC050 03-025
L 1703 Sodium bicarbonate TC230 -
L 2103-20G Trypsin 1:250 powder porcine TC245 -
L 2223 Papain - -
L 6510 Heparin 5000 U/ml TCL129 (1000 units/ml) -
L 0473 Sodium Pyruvate Solution 100mM TCL015 -
K 0293 MEM-Non Essential Amino Acids (NEAA) 50X AC005 01-340